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BoN - September 06'
Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hey, gentle reader! This is the first of a hopefully monthly feature of PT - Blogs on Note (BoN). Here I'll showcase blogs I've been reading recently, not reading but thinking about reading, skimming every now and then, or whatever! I've got three rather good blogs this month, so buckle up!

First off I'll introduce a blog that I hold very dear to my heart, my mom's blog containing a series of stories about my littlest brother, Thomas (who we all call Toby): Toby's Travels.

Toby's Travels is a collection of short stories detailing the immensely silly and never-carried-out plans of Toby and his siblings, most from Michael's point of view. They're pretty funny (and very cute), and worth a read.

Secondly is a blog run by the first person to comment on PT who I didn't know personally: Manuel L. Quezon III. From the Philippines, he comments on everything from politics, to religion, to life, to just plain fun. His posts tend to be pretty long and very detailed, so he isn't often light reading. But for those of us who enjoy strong opinions, news, and political commentary, he's a fantastic read.

Third is a blog I stumbled across fairly recently, indexed. As said in the blog, the title is "vaguely self-explanatory." All posts in indexed take the form of a drawing on an index card. These are often graphs, like the one shown above. Some are funny, some are thoughtful, and many are both. indexed is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs.

To Grant, Emily, and Quezon (Chris, not Manuel) - I didn't mention you two because I already do so pretty often. To those I mentioned - congrats, you are better then everyone else. To those I didn't - there is always next month. To everyone, period, blogger and non - my ego and I are off to take a break, but we'll be back, and until then, may all your Thursdays be Perpetual.


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thanks for the mention! and i'm still dying to know how your son ended up with a filipino family name as his first name.
Posted by Blogger mlq3 at 9:44 PM

Hey! Thanks for the thanks! Check the bottom (its seperated from the rest of the post by an extra space) of the following post for the story of Quezon's name: More on the Moors
Posted by Blogger H.B. at 5:24 PM

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