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Information for Parents
From the Webmaster:
I know that there are many concerns about internet use by children and teenagers. There are tons of questions a parent tends to ask about websites their children visit: Who runs it? What kind of content is contained on it? Who else visits it?
This page is here to help address some of the concerns you may have about your children visiting

Who runs it? is run by DDS/AI Media, a small group of individuals headed, more or less, by Patrick J. Simmons. That's me. Pretty much I handle all of the legal things, and a bunch of stuff is in my name (or, for the time being, my parents' names). At the present time there are five of us making up DDS/AI: myself, Christopher J.F.X. Simmons a.k.a. Quezon (my brother), Michael P. Little, Donald Grant Herring Jr., and Alexander Kesckes. In addition to, DDS/AI Media also includes The File Project Studios, and The Red Parrot Publishing Company (and it's imprint, The Alternative Internet Press).

What kind of content does it contain? hosts a variety of features, mostly in the form of short stories. In addition to short stories, we also have audio, video, flash animations, image galleries, weblogs (see below), forums (see below), a newsletter, and more. While the majority of our features are family-friendly, some of them may contain mild language, mild to moderate violence, humour some people may find offensive, depictions of smoking, drinking, and gambling, and mild innuendo, which some parents may find unsuitable for younger children. Content that contains excessive violence, language, ect. is not allowed on

Who else visits it? attempts, however sadly, to attempt a large audience. We aim to have content for everyone, from children to adults, and everyone in between (most of our content is directed at a teen to adult audience). Certain areas of, such as the forums, have a community aspect, where visitors to can interact. If you allow your children to visit these areas, be sure to monitor their activities. We strive to keep out offensive material, language, and so on, but we can't always catch everything the moment it happens, so keep an eye on your children, esp. younger ones.

A note about the the blogs on
Weblogs, or blogs, for those who don't know, are online logbooks or journals. There are a few blogs on run by our staff (we also have links to some blogs run by our staff off-site). The content contained in these blogs is entirely the property and responsibility of their writers. DDS/AI Media doesn't necessarily endorse, approve, or disapprove it. Some people my find posts in these blogs offensive, inappropriate, rude, slanderous, foul, and so on, so exercise caution if you allow your children to access them. For example, my own blog, Perpetual Thursday, contains my own personal opinions on politics, religion, ethics, and food. You may (or may not) disagree with my political or moral views, and as such may (or may not) want your children reading them.

A note about the forums:
Registration to the Forums is free and open to everyone. At the forums users can do everything from discuss AI content (discussion/commenting on AI features does not requite registration), to submitting feedback and problems (using the Feedback forum, also, does not require registration), to meeting new people, to having conversations, to debating, to playing games. The forums are moderated, and inappropriate behavior is not allowed. However, we can't always catch things as they happen, so we allow users to report inappropriate behavior to us. Still, use of the forums by children should be supervised. Our forums are equipped with a PM (private/personal message) system. This allows users to send non-public messages to each other. Though I perform occasional checks on PMs, I seldom check all of them. As such, use of the PM system is at your own risk.
It should be noted, however, that use of the forums is not necessary for using

Both myself and the entire staff here strive to keep a safe, fun place online for everyone. If you have any questions, comments, problems, or concerns, feel free to contact me. Head to the Contact page for a list of ways to do this.

I hope this page has been helpful, and that your children and even you yourself have an enjoyable time at

-Patrick J. Simmons, Webmaster

All content copyright 2007 DDS/AI unless otherwise stated.
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